Ecommerce for small businesses


Lightbulb Moment

So, you’ve had that lightbulb moment where you’ve come up with a truly amazing, world altering idea for a new online business.  You’ve spent hours writing and re-writing your business plan, including putting together your overly optimistic sales forecasts for the next 12 months.  Successfully obtained the capital to launch and promote your dream online business, used some of your budget on getting your new logo and website designed, maybe even thrown a bit of money at marketing!

Business Launch Day Is Finally Here!

Finally, after all these long days and nights the launch day for your brand spanking new online business is finally here.  You’ve pictured this for so long and envisaged people clambering over themselves to purchase your miracle product or superior service. 

You spend the day switching between either staring at your mobile phone and willing it to ring, to frantically checking your emails for any customer enquiries.  Morning turns into midday and then before you know it’s six o’clock and if you’re lucky you may have received 1 or 2 queries.  This is the harsh reality of starting an online business without promoting it the right way.  How do I know?  Because I’ve been there, worn the t-shirt, so to speak.

Sparkly New Website!

You can have the best-looking website with a great user journey, offering amazing products and/or services, but if no-one knows it exists you won’t be hitting your sales forecasts anytime soon!  So, what are the most cost-effective ways to promote your online business to generate sales?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO provides one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your online business & generate quality traffic to your website which is more likely to convert into sales.  You should be aware though that SEO is a long-term strategy.  It’s a walk not a sprint!  Beware of any digital marketer who promises to get your website on page 1 of Google straight away as this is nowhere near possible.  When you have your first meeting with your digital expert, your first question should be, “what keywords should I be optimising to promote my online business and drive customers to my website?”  It’s commonplace firstly to come up with and agree on a list of 10 search terms to optimise.  Once, you’ve decided on which search terms to optimise the easiest way to incorporate them into your online website is to compose a separate blog post for each search term and then get your digital expert to complete your title tag, image alt tag, meta description, etc to fully complete on-site optimisation.  You should expect it to take at least 6 -12 months to see any upturn in organic website visitors to your site.  You should expect your SEO expert to provide ongoing advice and implement off-page SEO tactics as well.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Understandably no business can sit and wait 6-12 months before generating any sales.  So, what can you do to start immediately generating sales for your business?  Pay Per Click advertising is a tried and tested technique to promote and generate sales for your online business.  I can confidently tell you that if you choose the right Pay Per Click expert you can grow your business month on month, year on year, I’ve done it myself with my own online business.  You can promote and advertise your online business with pay per click advertising on Google Ads, Bing Ads or Social Media advertising (Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest).  Please ensure your Campaigns are optimised for conversions rather than clicks to get the best results for your monthly budget.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion if you’re trying to promote your online business to generate sales these two digital marketing activities will provide you the best return on your investment.  The best thing about SEO and Google Ads is you can track the performance of your campaigns to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.