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Marketing For Small Businesses

Let’s Talk Numbers First!

Did you know there were 5.6 million microbusinesses (0-9 employees) in the UK last year?  Staggering eh?  What is more alarming though is that according to recent research (Factworks), attracting customers is the biggest challenge for UK SMEs with 79% of businesses surveyed in 2018 listing it as their biggest concern.

Marketing for Small Businesses Is Tough!

Marketing for small businesses is tough!  You know you need to market your business to attract new customers but there are just so many questions to answer such as: –

      How much per month should I allocate to marketing my business to get new business?

      Who is my target audience and what do they look like, age, gender, occupation, etc (profile)?

      What is the best & most cost-effective way to communicate with my target audience (prospective customers)?


Outsource or Do It Yourself?

Then you’ve got to make the decision whether you try and muddle through and tackle the marketing for your small business yourself to save money or outsource it to an expert.  When considering this, you need to be totally honest with yourself, do you really have the right skills and will marketing your small business be the most effective use of your time?  Not everyone are natural marketers just the same as not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or nurse!


If you do decide to outsource your marketing, you then need to consider your options, i.e. should you use a local marketing agency or a local recommended marketing freelancer?  The problem with most Marketing Agencies is that their costs are prohibitive for most small businesses, at up to £500 per day!  That’s why we decided to set-up a Marketing Agency especially for small businesses, which offers flexible, affordable ad-hoc marketing services or flexible monthly marketing packages which won’t break the bank!  Also, unlike most traditional Marketing Agencies, Piece of The Pie Marketing won’t tie you into lengthy set contracts or monthly retainers, you only stay with us if you’re happy with the marketing services we’re providing.  Our packages start from just £200 per month.

I don’t Understand the Jargon!

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses don’t always fully understand the services being provided by so called Marketing experts!  They trust that they’re receiving the best advice and the services they’re signing up for are the best use of their small business marketing budget, unfortunately sometimes this trust is misguided and they end up signing up lengthy contracts for marketing services which offer no return on investment, i.e. no additional new sales attained for their marketing budget.  Piece of The Pie Marketing are different to traditional agencies we won’t blind you with science and jargon, we’ll fully explain everything in simple terms that you will understand.

Keep It Simple Simon

When considering which marketing services to choose to try and generate new business, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t fully understand something, you’re being told from Marketing experts, after all it’s your money!  Questions we would suggest you ask include: –

      Will this marketing activity reach my target audience?

      How many of my target audience will this marketing activity reach?

      What is the average cost per acquisition (i.e. cost to acquire each new customer or sell 1 product)?

      Is this the most cost-effective marketing method to acquire new business?

      How many new sales do you think this will generate for my business?


And Finally,


If you’re a small business and you’re looking for a marketing partner who truly wants you to succeed and wants to help you grow your small business, then get in touch with Piece of The Pie Marketing.  Our proprietor truly understands your pain points having set-up and run multiple successful small businesses himself.  Our agency is especially for small business owners who are looking for flexible, affordable marketing services which will help you grow your business without the jargon!  Our team consists of highly experienced, successful Marketers who have helped grow other small businesses.  If you’d like to learn more contact us today!

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